There's a local Chef who's working with a Moreton Bay Region Small Business that delivers fresh-made meals and snacks to your door weekly!


Danny White is a local of the Redcliffe Peninsula and has lived and worked here for the past 25 years. Danny and his wife Sue have brought up 3 children on the Peninsula who are now a local chef, teacher and university student.


Danny is a highly experienced chef who has worked in Brisbane as Executive Chef at the old Gazebo Hotel, and at Mackay's Ocean International Resort.  Danny also worked at various restaurants in Sydney and Perth. Since 1994 Danny has worked locally as  the Catering Manager at the Redcliffe Leagues Club for 6 years, before taking over the catering contract at the Moreton Bay Boat Club for the next 6 years.


12 years ago, Danny and Sue opened their own restaurant at Scarborough Beach called Danny's Pines Bar + Restaurant.


In search of a change, Danny began working at ‘My Meals': a small family-owned business north of Brisbane, who supply the Redcliffe Peninsula, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and the Gold Coast with fresh, healthy, home-delivered meals. My Meals are made from scratch using premium, all natural, locally sourced ingredients which will stay fresh in your fridge for 7 days.


“I enjoy the challenge of creating a menu that's 100% gluten-free and without any sugar" Danny said.  “I did have a good variety of gluten-free items on my restaurant menu, but hadn't thought to take all the sugar out as well. It's been a challenge to use my own recipes and adjust them, while still making all our own stocks and sauces from scratch. And the fact that everything is fresh and nothing frozen appeals to my ‘fresh fanatic' tendencies."


In his new position Danny is enjoying only working weekdays, and looks forward to finally having weekends off to enjoy time with his family and friends, something he hasn't been able to do since becoming a Chef in Sydney in 1979.


Business owner Jordan Kersnovske has a background in sports and nutrition and has a passion for health, wellness and food.


My Meals delivers fresh meals weekly. Orders need to be in by 10pm on Tuesdays for delivery Thursdays. The meals are packaged so that you do not have to be home when they are delivered.


Click the link below to learn more about My Meals.


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