Transformation: Graeme's story

Transformation: Graeme's story

This Transformation is to show you that transformations don’t always have to be about body composition and shape! Your health and wellness are equally as important. These are the arms of our long-time friend and customer Graeme. For many years Graeme suffered with severe skin irritations that drove him crazy. Unable to sleep due to the pain and irritation of his skin, Graeme would sometimes take 3-5 hot showers per night to try and get some relief then quickly lather his skin with moisturisers and steroid creams to get a few hours of sleep before the itching woke him again. His moods were erratic, and the lows began to stay longer than the highs and his frustrations grew with being so tired, irritated and sore. His lifestyle was crazy, on the road a lot and working weekends and late nights his diet was fuelled with whatever he could find, plus chocolate bars, soft drinks, lollies and comfort food to lift his spirits and keep up his energy levels. As a naturally slender man – therefore ‘healthy’ - Graeme had never had cause to ‘diet’ (ie lose weight) and had not considered this type of eating plan before, despite how much we nagged him about being healthier or eating right. However, after some significant life changes (such as noticing a belly roll starting to form and a decline in his strength and general fitness) he decided to sign himself up for a 3 month training and exercise regime which recommended a ‘Paleo-ish’ nutrition plan (no wheat, no sugar, no processed foods, lots of lean meat and vegetables). Graeme stuck to the program religiously and ate exactly the meals prescribed and even made all the treats himself. The first week was a shock. There was lots of preparation involved and a lot more time spent cooking and shopping, and it was expensive buying lots of ingredients that weren’t previously in the pantry. The sugar cravings and withdrawals were bad, his hands shook and he was cranky! SO cranky! He pushed on. It wasn’t until he made it through the first 4 weeks that he began to feel better. His mood gradually lightened and he began enjoying the healthier meals and the extra activity in his days. He started to feel better. His routine and consistency helped to create better sleeping patterns which helped to reduce his feelings of frustration/anxiety/irritability. Week after week Graeme felt better and better and began to enjoy the routine. It wasn’t a miracle overnight cure – don’t get me wrong. After the first 4 weeks his rashes were still inflamed and itchy. It took 3 MONTHS – 12 WHOLE weeks to notice a change in his skin. But he felt better! He noticed a direct relationship between eliminating inflammatory foods such as wheat and sugar and the nasties in processed foods (such as colours, preservatives, flavours, emulsifiers, vegetable oils) from his diet and an improvement in how he felt.  

Graeme started on ‘My Meals’ when he learned that our meals and products were similar to many of those prescribed on his meal plan - being gluten free and having no added sugars, colours or flavours. The gluten free meals also suited his partner who is gluten intolerant. With his rashes almost gone and his increased energy levels Graeme was super keen to keep up his healthy lifestyle but the time, preparation and cost involved in preparing weekly meals and snacks was making it difficult so they looked into meal delivery options.

"After countless doctors’ visits, creams, ointments and medicines, I had given up all hope of ever finding a cure for my skin issues. It wasn't until I completely changed my dietary habits that I realised the importance of eating properly! The results were amazing and completely changed my life. My Meals allows me to easily stay on track and maintain my dietary habits " -Graeme

Graeme and his partner receive a weekly My Meals package of 5 x active meals and 5 x light meals along with a box of 10 snacks. As they don’t work the same days and times, this gives them the freedom and flexibility to have meals prepared for their work lunch or dinners, cook their own meals occasionally and treat themselves to meals out and about.


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