Fresh Breakfast Meals


Start your day right with healthy breakfast meals from My Meals. We source premium local ingredients for our range of breakfast items, ensuring you always get the freshest and most delicious meals from our expert chefs.

Our pre-prepared breakfast meals are easy to make, and some options are ready to enjoy instantly. So, whether you’re eating at home or enjoying breakfast on the go, mornings are always easy with My Meals.


Low Carb and Low Fat Healthy Breakfast Meals

Providing healthy meals is an important part of our service. This is why we make our healthy breakfast meals from scratch, giving our expert chefs total control over ingredients. We use high-quality produce to give our meals plenty of flavour – not added sugars or other nasty surprises. Cooking with natural ingredients allows us to minimise carbs and fat, helping you feel your best after breakfast.


How long do your pre-prepared breakfast meals last in the freezer?

Our meals are made from the freshest premium quality produce and will stay fresh in your fridge for at least 7 days and they are also safe to freeze. We don’t use any preservatives to keep your meals fresh, just the natural science of our speciality vacuum packaging, so you can stock up on your favourite breakfast meals without any worries.

Depending on the meal you’ve ordered, some of our breakfast items stay fresh in the fridge for up to a week. Our meals are also freezer-friendly.


Do the meals change each week?

There’s no getting tired of healthy breakfast meals with My Meals. We’re always evolving our recipes, adding new meals, and changing up what we have on offer – giving you an exciting variety of meals to choose from.

Breakfast should never be boring. With My Meals, you can enjoy delicious breakfast delivery options that keep you healthy and feeling great. Keep an eye on what’s new in our fresh breakfast range below.


Are your fresh breakfast options gluten-free?

All of our breakfast items are gluten-free, allowing those who are gluten intolerant to enjoy delicious pre-prepared breakfast meals. Even if you’re not sensitive to gluten, maintaining a low-gluten diet has a long list of health benefits. Reducing your gluten consumption may help improve digestion, increase energy, and accelerate weight loss. That’s why we’re dedicated to offering gluten-free options.


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