NDIS Information

Our services can be accessed on the NDIS if you are currently on a Self-Managed Plan that includes home services or daily activities. The NDIS generally covers the cost of the preparation and delivery while the recipient is responsible for the cost of the ingredients. 

Am I Eligible?

To be eligible for Home Delivered Meals, your NDIS plan needs to include Home Services or Daily Activities. If you’re not sure if your plan includes these, you can check in with your plan manager. 

What is the cost to me?

We currently only service participants on Self-Managed Plans, meaning you make the full payment to us up front at the time of ordering. We will provide you with a detailed tax invoice which you can use to make your claim to NDIS.

If you are agency or plan managed, please speak to your plan manager directly about your options. If we have a service agreement in place with your provider we may be able to invoice them directly for your meals depending on your plan. 

The portion that can be claimed is the preparation and delivery cost. The ingredients (food) used to prepare the delivered meal is still the responsibility of the consumer to pay for. 


If you need more help please don't hesitate to contact our friendly team via email at admin@my-meals.com.au