About Our Meals

My Meals creates and delivers a range of fresh, healthy, gourmet meals that are...

  • Fresh NOT frozen (and will stay fresh in your fridge for at least 7 days)
  • Gluten Free 
  • Refined Sugar Free
  • Preservative Free
  • Free from added colours, flavours, emulsifiers, canola oil and vegetable oil (we only use olive oil, sesame and coconut oil)
  • Flavoured using fresh vegetables, herbs and spices
  • Include lots of functional foods and foods that reduce inflamation and support gut health and digestion such as; ginger, tumeric, chili and pro-biotics
  • Made from scratch - including our stocks, sauces, dressings, chutneys and curry pastes
  • Portion Controlled - suitable for weight loss and muscle gain
  • Ever changing - we offer new meals and snacks each week
  • Made using the freshest locally sourced seasonal produce and meat 

    More of your questions answered

    At My Meals, we take the utmost care when planning, cooking and serving your meals. Our meals are cooked by qualified chefs who make everything from scratch using the freshest local and seasonal produce available. 

    • Whats different about My Meals? Our meals might taste a little different (in a good way) to other meals you have tried, this is because we don't add sugar, we don't use sauces or packets and we don't add lots of salt and rely on the natural flavours of herbs and spices to flavour our dishes. We like to keep things simple so you know you are only getting the best quality ingredients. 
    • Why gluten free? Our meals are gluten free to make them low allergy and easier to digest. Gluten is proven to be a major cause of many modern ailments and feeds lots of autoimmune and digestive diseases. Even if you are not intolerant to gluten a low gluten diet can help to boost energy levels, improve digestion and speed up weight loss. 
    • How do the meals stay fresh? Our meals stay fresh in your fridge for longer than food you would cook your self at home because of the speciality packaging machines we use. The machines use vacuum pressure to remove the oxygen from the containers and replace it with an inert gas mixture (nitrogen/C02) that delays the oxidising process of foods which is what causes foods to go 'off'.
    • Can I freeze them? Yes, all our meals can be frozen before the use by date because we don't use any meat or produce that has been pre-frozen. All of our products are sourced fresh. 
    • Where can I find the ingredients and nutritional information for each meal? The ingredients and nutritional information of each meal can be found on the product page under the 'Ingredients & Nutritional Information' tab underneath the product photo. 



    Where are the meals made? 

    • Our meals are made fresh each week in our local production facility.