Our Story

My Meals was created with your best interests in mind. From our humble beginnings making meals for family and friends, we saw a need for convenient pre-prepared meals that are fresh, healthy and genuinely good for you. Meals full of fresh vegetables and lean meats flavoured with ground herbs and spices, homemade stocks and recipe bases.

Often meals purchased for convenience are full of hidden nasties such as sugar, preservatives, colours, flavours and filler (white rice, pasta etc.) and we spend more time trolling through the nutritional labels at the supermarket (or ignoring them) than we saved. Meals that last weeks in your fridge, or years on the supermarket shelf? No thanks!
Our aim is to change the way you think and feel about food. To help you enjoy fresh produce that nourishes and heals your body while giving you the energy you need to power through every day. We’re about feeling good and saving time #timerefund!
While our meals are portion controlled and can be useful for weight loss, weight management or muscle gain we live by the approach of eating for wellness. The mantra of eating for wellness guides us to make good choices every day based on a desire to always maintain and improve our health by reducing the sugars, chemicals, toxins and preservatives that we consume. Our food is not a trend or a diet; it’s a long term solution and an investment in your own wellbeing. We want you to feel satisfied after your meal, and excited about your next one knowing you have made the best choice for your body!
Our meals are made from real foods and are free from refined sugar and gluten. They are handmade and nutritionally balanced to provide the maximum possible health benefits. The stocks and recipe bases are made from scratch, not packets, jars or tins. We use ground herbs and spices for flavouring and even stew our own tomatoes. Removing irritants such as wheat, sugar and gluten from your diet and eating regular whole food meals has proven health benefits such as;
  • Improved energy levels and fewer slumps

  • More stable moods

  • Better skin and improvements in skin irritations or inflammation

  • Improved gut health and decreased inflammation

  • Disease prevention

  • Easier management existing conditions such as autoimmune diseases

  • Weight loss or weight management

Ultimately, we are what we eat. What we consume in food and beverages is the fuel for all our energy systems; it is the foundation of our health and wellbeing, which is why we should celebrate food and all its residual benefits! A meal offers us the opportunity to take the time to sit and have a moment to ourselves or to join our family and friends at the table and share the stories of our day.
We also know that your search for convenience doesn’t mean that you don’t love getting in the kitchen on the weekend for a hearty cook-up of your own. We dig that and we totally support you which is why we offer no lock-in contracts and order as you go options! 
We look forward to celebrating our food with you.
- Owner of My Meals